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Powered by Searx, our online search allows you to find whatever you are looking for. We deliberately disabled any kind of logging, so you can be sure that no party eavesdrops on your searches. Including us!


Our privatebin instance allows you to share snippets of text, code or poems with others. Your privacy is assured and enforced by no-logging and in-browser encryption. No-one has access to the contents of your pasties, except for the people you share it with.


What is Kubriks?

Power to the people

Kubriks (a portmanteau of rubriks and cube) is a project that aims to empower people to reclaim their privacy. Currently in the starting phase, the project is quickly expanding to more services. Keep in touch and feel free to message us.

Ultimately, saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.

Edward Snowden


Can be used for the better

We have setup Kubriks to not log anything. We strictly enforce proper encryption to thward eavesdropping. We are hosted within EU borders (currently at OBSDams and Njalla) and we are writing guides and tutorials on how to use technology to reclaim and enforce your privacy.